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Welcome To Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool is a web based army creation app for the table top game infinity. It is currently in beta right now but free to use.

Example List

Infinity creator makes it easy to link a list to your friends Yu Jing Example

New Domain and Mobile Site

Infinitypool has changed domains to and has added the beginnings of a mobile client.

If you want to get your lists on your mobile device simply head over to and have a peek. Currently only reading lists is available but the options to update lists from your mobile device is in the works.

Human Sphere Live

The Human Sphere updates are now live. Thanks to everyone that helped out getting it all together.

BBCode Added

You can now easily copy BBCode for any of your armies for easy posting into your favourite forums.

November Updates Live

The new units and weapons from november have been added to infinity pool. Have fun!


Infinity pool had some unexpected downtime yesterday. Steps have been taken to ensure that the website will come back up automatically in the event of an unexpected server restart.

Add Unit UI Streamlined

The add unit UI has been moved into the main army list page. You no longer need to navigate away from your list in order to add a unit.

Search and Favourites Live

I've added searching and a favourite system to infinitypool. You can now search for others lists and save them in your favourites for later.

This is the first part of a major overhaul of the site which will bring more social features.

If you see any bugs please let me know at alan -dot- hietala -at-

Print View Font Increased

The print view font was a little small and made it hard to look up units quickly. It is now bigger so printouts should be much easier to read.

100 Active Accounts with over 800 lists

infinity pool has just hit 100 active accounts and continues to grow at a rapid pace. There are also over 800 individual lists in the system now.

Given the number of people using the site regularly, would a rating and comment system make infinity pool better? You would be able to search by list size and faction, view the newest created lists, rate and leave comments

Send me your thoughts

June 18, 2009 UI Update

The UI has been updated. The main army list screen now only shows the important information that you need for army building. All of the unit stats are available in an expandable section by clicking the + sign at the left of the listed unit.

This Section also will be used to show unit pictures and other additional information related to the unit.

June 15, 2009 Update

Mercenaries added to the system. You can now add both the mercenary army list type and mercenaries to regular army lists. Validation should occur properly availability will show as the non merc one in the list but it is calculated properly for valication reasons. I will fix the display issue in the next push.

Recent Lists

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If you like what you see in the demo account you can sign up for your own account. This gives you your own place to save your lists.